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Laureano Garcia-Concheso, born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, (16 August 1922 - 12 September 2000) was a painter and sculptor, he was known primarily for his cubist style and still life.


Laureano began his studies in achitecture at the University of Havana, however his real interests lay in painting and sculpting, which he later studied in Paris with two figures of rank, the sculptor Ossip Zadkine and painter André Lhote. Laureano went on to study graphics at the Art Students League and the Pratt Institute in New York City.


Throughout his career, Laureano showcased a number of one-man shows and group exhibitions, most notably in Havana, Madrid, New York and Miami, where many of his sculptures are still displayed in public spaces. He later moved to Madrid after having been commissioned to copy the twelve apostles of El Greco en Toledo. In 1963, Laureano received offer of fellowships from both, the Cuban Government and the Cintas Foundation.


Although the basics of Laureano’s painting lies in Spanish Realism, his still lifes in particular have an airy lightness that may be viewed as a legacy of Impressionism.


The structure of his compositions, moreover, reflect the influence of synthetic Cubism. Laureano’s highly refined palette is handled with the skill of an expert colourist.

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